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NS Group has successfully incorporated a work culture that encourages collaborative and innovative work along with creative problem-solving capabilities.At NS Group small and big wins are celebrated with improved employee engagement and better work-life balance.

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The NS Group Profile

Envisioned as a cutting-edge technology provider, we strive to deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions to our customers. We believe our quality service with short turnaround times has earned the trust and loyalty of our clients.

NS Group is a global enterprise headquartered in Bangalore. Founded by Swati Priya & Manoj Kumar in 2019 NS Group has carved a niche for itself in the information technology space through its two companies and four verticals.

The group operation is spread across India and USA, with a mission “To be the world's most trusted information technology company. Successful in helping customers apply technology to solve their problems. Successfully introduced the cutting-edge technology to customers, which revolutionizes the IIoT (Industry Internet of Things) is sourced, deployed, and managed."

NS Group has successfully incorporated a work culture that encourages collaborative and innovative work along with creative problem-solving capabilities. This has not only resulted in attracting and retaining top talent but also ensured skill-set maximization. At NS Group small and big wins are celebrated in a comfortable and open workspace that has resulted in improved employee engagement and better work-life balance.

the ns group profile
nsplus technology private

NSPlus Technology Private Limited is the principal company of NSGroup™(NSG) with Narayan Solutions as the other equally successful company. Narayan Solutions is run under the guidance and supervision of Swati Priya.

NSPlus Technology INC is a registered legal entity in Florida - USA and operates independently under President Manoj Kumar and Vice President Swati Priya. Each company is managed as an independent entity but draws on the combined expertise and experience.

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NS Group is fast making its presence felt through its brands across India and USA as a niche technology solution provider to major industry sectors like textiles, Chemical and Energy among a few. In addition, NS group has also forayed into enterprise management and education and training space.


Being the core business activity at NS Group focuses on meeting product engineering requirements of industrial sector. Its innovative engineering approach encapsulates Software product assessment and design, Software product development, Software platform engineering/ reengineering, Platform adaptation and Testing

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ns envisiontm

NS Envision™

NSEnvision™ is an IIoT generic solution that expertly combines our domain knowledge with software innovation. This solution allows real time data collection/exchange his connectivity allows for data collection/exchange and analysis to enable data driven decision for advanced control to enhance productivity and efficiency.

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ns envisiontm energy

NS Envision™ Energy

NS Envision is an energy management solution tailored to meet specific needs of energy sector. An online energy management and monitoring solutions for Load Dispatch Centers and Availability Bases Tariff Systems, that has been successfully deployed in CSPGCL - plant.

NS Envision™ Platform

NS Envision™ Platform is the frame work of IIoT platform complete with all the components that will go into building customized solution for a wide array of industrial process.

ns envisiontm platform


ERP Products and Services in Education Industry

ERP Products and services
nsedutm business


An education and learning solution to build the talent pool of certified professionals for Industry bridging the gap between the current educational reality and the business needs. Using a Strategic industry-academia connect this solution aims not only to create programs aimed to enable the candidate with for future-ready digital skills, but also instill soft skills necessary to excel in today’s workforce.

nshrtm business


A staffing/consulting solution from the NS Group. This solution is designed to help business enterprises in their IT projects resourcing. NHSR’s unique model enables companies to build/strengthen their team with highly skilled and competent IT personnel across a wide range of technologies on a need-based model. NS staffing service includes personnel searching, screening, selecting, and monitoring and assures flexibility, transparency, and cost-efficiency.